The Process Of Becoming A Successful Author

The Process of turning myself into a successful author: right now, it’s guess work. It’s like getting b—ch slapped daily by the world. I’m a dummy for checking my stats every day. How many downloads did I get last night? I shouldn’t do that; it often leads to a feeling of leaden discouragement, a visceral inner plummeting of my hopes. I get different messages from different “experts”. Most common: Be Yourself. Well….duh.

Almost There, almost there!
I don’t know who else to be. Other frequent advice: Lie. pretend you’re already a big success. Or….be totally honest, totally transparent,share your story with your potential audience. Oh my god! This IS a story, it’s like Don Quixote on the internet. The only happy news is that this page keeps growing. Not by huge leaps, but by small increments. Okay. I tweet maybe twenty times daily. I work all my social media, refreshing with new content as often as possible. I’m broke. This would be a very different operation if I had some shekels. But I don’t. Even if I had some cash, I wouldn’t be ready to spend it on Facebook advertising. The latter requires expertise, though F’book wants you to believe that anyone can do it. Their top-o-the-line ad platform is called AdEspresso. It costs $150/month for the middle level functionality. This monthly is BEFORE I pay for the ads themselves. The AdESpresso is a targeting instrument. Like, who’s my audience? I would say that my audience is comprised of well educated baby boomers who have been through some kind of therapy experience and have an interest in the nuts and bolts of spiritual practice. Or, to express it another way, my audience is comprised of smart people who feel broken by their upbringing and their culture and want to do something to be more alive and vibrant. AdEspresso allows me to target recipients of my ads by occupation, education, interests, taste in books, music, movies. Wait, wait….MY AUDIENCE IS ANYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN TO OR PLANS GOING TO BURNING MAN!

2 thoughts on “The Process Of Becoming A Successful Author

  1. I’m finding the money thing is a viscious circle with screenwriting as well. They tell me you have to live in L.A. & have connections to make it in the business. If someone would pay me for a script, I would move to L.A., (or at least closer), but I can’t move anywhere without money. You shuldn’t have to have money to make money. It puts poor folks like me at a great disadvantage.

  2. Like me, too, KL. It’s who you know…that’s what is said, so often. And I’m afraid it’s true. It doesn’t matter how good you are. It matters how well you promote yourself. I’ve seen the effort you put in to your work. It’s considerable, and it shows. Don’t put yourself down. Writing is a hard mistress to serve.

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