Letter From The Afterlife Of A Terrorist Bomber


I thought I would be in Paradise

but I am in unspeakable hell.

The fire, the fire!

I thought it would only burn for a second,

but it keeps burning!

I thought I would lose consciousness

and wake up in heaven,

but I am stuck now for an eternity

in agony!

The screams of the innocent dying

are like poisoned darts,

lancing the exposed nerves of my inmost soul.

The tears of the bereaved in their hundreds and thousands

rain upon me like acid.

And the worst hell of all is my regret,

my infinite regret,

that I was so stupid, so gullible, so callous,

so easily swayed by insipid argument,

so readily moved to escape my depressing life

by casting it upon others.

I was so sure my mother would be proud

of her son, The Martyr, The Shaheed.

But she screams and tears the hair from her head

until she is half bald and looks like a plucked chicken.

The mothers of all the children I murdered were nothing

to me, they were not human, until now.

The fire, the fire!   The jet fuel

sears me for ten thousand years!

The screams and the grief that blame me, rightly,

crush me under a million tons of leaden metal and concrete!

Allah, Allah, I was not merciful, I was not compassionate,

and now when I call to you I see the grit of your robe

as you turn away from me.

I thought I would awake in Paradise.

What a dreadful mistake I have made!


2 thoughts on “Letter From The Afterlife Of A Terrorist Bomber

  1. I don’t think the people that carried out the 911 attacks felt anything while they were alive and I don’t that they fell anything now that they are dead. Too bad because I wish your version was true! Just my opinion of course.

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